Top 3 Best Automatic Cpap Machines Reviews – 2018

Top 3 Best Automatic Cpap Machines ReviewAs apnea patient, hope you are aware of the two types of cpap machine and should in case you are yet to know, we have the fixed pressure and the APAP machine. However, our aim here to is focused on the automatic cpap machine and reviews should in case you have been referred by your doctor to look for BiPAP sleep therapy machine. An automatic sleep therapy machine is designed with inbuilt air pressure sensor that automatically adjusts the pressure level needed as you sleep through the night.

However, after undergoing a sleep test in the clinic or hospital, the doctor should be able to recommend the right breathing machine for you as in the case of the APAP unit that is made for patients with vary air pressure level and this helps to stabilize it to meet requirement. With automatic apnea machine, you need to not worry; everything is auto-regulated as it helps to track your breathing cycle depending on your breathing habits, prevalence of your apneas and your room conditions.

The added features in automatic cpap machine makes it different from the fixed pressure CPAP machine and that is why most physicians recommend it for most patients.

However, if you have been told by a doctor or you have read about apnea condition and you have discover that the automatic unit is what you need, then this reviews below is for your consumption.

Top 3 Best Automatic Cpap Machines Reviews  

After much research on various automatic sleep therapy machines for apnea patient, here is what our list comprises and these items can be found on Amazon:

1. Respironics dx500t11 – REMstar Auto with humidifier

Respironics dx500t11 – REMstar Auto with humidifier

The Respironic unit is the upgrade of the old version 560HS, now transformed into the dx500t11 model. This breath aiding device is one of the best automatic machines you are likely to see for sleep apnea patients. No much hassle using the REMstar machine as it is automatic system. It detects your sleep pressure level making sure you are comfortable while sleeping.

This dreamstation cpap comes with a heated humidifiers that helps moisten the air brought in by the machine to ease your breathe and also ensuring bacteria and germs are destroyed for safe respiration.

To ensure your sleep information is secured, it comes with a SD card where sleep evenst data are stored. These records include your breathing rate and your response through the night.

However, for you to use this CPAP machine, you need to purchase a CPAP mask which is sold separately.  Remember CPAP mask are of three types, the nasal pillows, nasal and the full face mask. Whichever one you think is good for you that you should purchase.

Furthermore on this Respironics dx500t11, you can find user’s reviews and rating, all available on Amazon site.  If you are new to Amazon, to find the customer products review of any item, screw down the page, there you will find the interesting comments.

2. Apex Medical XT-AutoCPAP Machine

Apex Medical XT-AutoCPAP Machine

This is another automatic CPAP machine designed for sleep apnea problem. The small and portable device is ideal for patients that often travel. It’s easy to flip into your languages as you go your way.

The automatic pressure airway passage comes with built-in power supply. You only need to connect a cord to it to charge it.

Managing sleep therapy data is possible with this XT. Simply download the data compliance software available on the manufacturer site to monitor the effectiveness of your therapy each night.

With this APAP, you can view your sleep data such as your apnea events and pressure variations all display on the top viewable screen.

Not everyone likes a heated a humidifier CPAP machines as some people prefer the cold air pressure ones. However, a heated humidifier is not included in this XT Automatic. You can purchase the humidifier separately and get it attached to your machine if you think you need it.

3. Apex Medical iCH II Auto machine

Apex Medical iCH II Auto machine

As apnea patients, if you are in need of an automatic CPAP machine with PVA function, what you need is the iCH II automatic machine from the Apex Medical.  The second generation APAP machine comes with added features that will comply with your therapy.

No more bulky loads to carry, built in smaller and lighter weight consideration. Just like we said this CPAP comes with PVA, for those who do not know about it, it means pressure variation algorithm. This algorithm provides relief for people who do have CPAP discomfort to make them feel natural while on their therapy.

Only few machines are designed with this PVA, so this is just an opportunity if you are aiming at this feature. A heated humidifier is also available in this cpap which is a plus to the kind of air you inhale as it helps to moisten it which is ideal for patients who equally have nasal or sinus congestion. Other features to enjoy includes alarm clock, auto attitude adjust and Leak Compensation.

Final thought about the CPAP machine

We have analyzed our best automatic cpap machine as you have gone through each review. The first product has a humidifier while the second has no humidifier but the Apex unit features a humidifier system and a PVA. Though they are all breathe cessation improving device but everyone preference differs, so the severity and comfort-ability should be your concern. Pick the best in terms of needs, budget and your physician recommendation.

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