Best CPAP Mask for Mouth Breathers Reviews – 2018

Best CPAP Mask for Mouth Breathers Reviews - 2018Sleeping position and comfort during apnea treatment are the major reasons people hurt for CPAP mask for mouth breathers.  So it is needful having the right mask that is in line with your sleep position. Since CPAP masks are the only medium to use if you are to connect to your CPAP machine, you will need to find the very best.

There are different types of masks for different sleeping position. However, you should know your sleeping position if you want to get the right CPAP mask that will be best for your treatment.

In one of our previous post we exclusively discussed the different types of cpap mask for sleep therapy treatment. The comprehensive guide may be helpful as we will be looking at some of the best mouth breathers CPAP mask reviews and other aspects of mouth breather’s mask.

The best CPAP mask for mouth breathers may not be ideal for patients that breathe through the nose. Effective sleep therapy involves getting the right combination of sleep therapy machines. A particular CPAP machine and mask that works well for one patient may not be effective and comfortable for others. Since there are also CPAP mask for side sleepers as there are for mouth breathers, these types won’t work for you.

What’s Makes up A CPAP Mask Good?

Sleep generally requires calm environment for quality sleep time as noisy atmosphere affects the amounts of sleep one gets. Not to talk about sleep therapy that requires total comfort for effective treatment. Now you would like to consider how comfortable your CPAP mask is in order to improve your condition instead of worsening the situation. However, these are the features in glance that we consider generally in choosing a good mask:

Shopping Consideration for Mouth Breathers

As you know mouth breathers breathe with mouth and this needs to be tackled by having a mask that can help keep the mouth sealed without side leakages.

Before buying a CPAP mask for mouth breathers, ensure you know the component of the mask. The features such as, how fit it is when attached to the mouth and also if the straps are well fixed.

Price may not be issues, most mouth breathers mask are under a $100 which is not much instead of allowing your apnea condition turning into chronic situation.

1. Sleepnet Ascend AirGel Full Face Mask System

Sleepnet Ascend AirGel Full Face Mask System

The mouth breathing mask system is designed to cover both your nose and mouth as this stop you from breathing through the mouth.

This newest version of the Sleepnet mask comes in a smaller and lighter weight to eliminate additional weight which you may not like as you sleep.

Also, the AirGel mask features a superior quality that will last you as you use it for the therapy. Below are the features of this CPAP mouth for mouth breathers:

Why Choose this?

For those who dislike sensation that irritate the skin, with this mask you won’t encounter this experience. Its bendable design offers support, holding the seal without coming in contact with your skin.

Why most masks cushions are unreliable to provide effective seal for the most fit, the Ascend cushion provides optimal seal. The cushion of the Ascend is also replaceable, you can simply detached it from the system and then replace it with a new one without replacing the complete mask. In addition, there are different sizes of cushion indicator packaged in this item to meet your need.

Most sleep apnea patients who do complain about difficulty wearing and removing some masks. This is nothing to worry if you are to consider the Sleepnet, because the head gear is flexible enough and release quickly with just one hand slide and this make the whole process a breeze. The 360 degree rotating Swivel will also enhance optimal tube positioning as you change your sleeping position.

Although, there are other good side sleeper’s masks available. From users experience and extensive research, the USA made CPAP mask for mouth breathers is a product to consider for those who do breathe with their mouth while sleeping.

Customer’s reviews are also helpful in guiding you on the best choice when it comes to shopping online. This you can find here

The beautiful thing there are options of mouths breathers’ cpap masks available on the market you can consider, among them is another known brand discussed below.

2. ResMed Quattro FX Frame System with Cushion (Medium – 61725)

ResMed Quattro FX Frame System with Cushion (Medium - 61725)

The FX mask is designed for medium face sizes and provide thorough sealed. Every feature required in a cpap mask is equipped in the Quattro system except the hose. This you have to purchase separately to start your therapy.

From the image, you will see the straps installed that holds the masks to your heard firmly and can be properly adjusted to fit your head size.

Some users of this mask had issues about air leakage. Well this is not from the item. It is actually from the part of the users.  If they had worn the mask correctly with all the straps secured tightly on their face, leakages won’t be experienced. Even for those with facial hair or beard can used it without air leaks when worn correctly. However, you should try learning how to use mouth breather’s mask correctly by following the user guide booklet that comes with the Quattro face mask before undergoing your treatment.

For the most comfortable therapy time and air leaking prevention with the FX full face system, make sure you place the mask top on the bridge of the nose while allowing the hose tilt downward.

Users of this Quattro system mask gave their remarks on the level of comfort it provides. Some even said it doesn’t pump pressure on their upper sinuses.  You more details available here!!

More Mouth Breathers CPAP Mask Reviews

We have no preference telling you this is the best mask for those who breathe through mouth even though we have listed them in hierarchy. This is because one has to come first. However, the reviews of more cpap products still continues below

 3. Apex Medical Wizard 220 Full Face Mask

Apex Medical Wizard 220 Full Face Mask

The medium sized mask is from the Apex medical brand.  This is one of the known brands in sleep therapy devices making. The company has engineered the wizard 200 mask for full face coverage as it is very important to have a very comfortable apnea treatment.

The full face system is supper light, good for people who dislike wearing heavy apnea masks. With this Apex medical mask, comfort is yours, thanks the silicon cushion and soft forehead pad which provide this. Different sizes of cushion and height forehead pad also available to choose to meet your comfort level.

The few-steps straps gear released makes the wizard full face system mask one of the easiest to use fullface cpap mask. The wizard 220 mask is recommended for any sleep positioning.

4. ResMed Mirage Quattro ™ Full Face with Headgear

Sleepnet Ascend AirGel Full Face Mask System

The resmed cpap mask is a 4th generational full face cpap mask with superior seals and designed for wide range of cpap users. The exceptional designed Mirage has many friendly features and pro benefits.

The high profile system feature Microfit dial to help adjust the forehead support even when the mask is already on your face. The dial is easy to use; simply turn the dial for the most comfort position.

5. Amara View Full Face Mask Small Size

Amara View Full Face Mask Small

The seal is another amazing feature of the Mirage mask, with a two soft wall cushion, the mask will seal extremely to people with facial contours. The mask cushion has moveable membrane located at the chin to help accommodates when your jaw drops.

The Amara only weighs 14 ounces and has a dimension of 14 by 11 by 4 inches. With this specification, you won’t have to wear heavy masks that cause discomfort as you treat your apnea. With durable frame, cushion and headgear, the full face mask is ideal for small face people as retains its position as adjusted.

As you know not all masks are good for side sleepers, with this Amara masks you can sleep any r position of choice.

However, the package does not include a tube; you can purchase it separately if you think of buying the Amara cpap mask. For more details,

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