Best Full Face CPAP Mask Reviews & Consumer Reports

CPAP mask lets you connect to a CPAP machine while enabling you start your sleep therapy treatment. For those looking for a full face cpap mask, you can follow us on this article which discusses top cpap masks recommended for full face wearing.

Full face masks are good for side sleepers, stomach sleepers and both mouth and nose breather’s sleep apnea patients.

With a full face mask, air leakage during therapy hardly occurs when you choose the right masks.

Although there are different types of masks but to keep things simple, we bring you the reviews of our best full face masks.

Pros and Cons of full face masks

It is good to have a mask that’ll provide you the maximum comfort. As you set to buy a complete full face mask, there are some pros and cons associated with this mask type that you should know.


It is good for those who breathe through the mouth. Since they come with headgear, makes them stay in close position which discourages air leakage.   Some units come with different size of cushion which you can select from. Others have replaceable cushion so that you can change them without you replacing the complete mask.


It is not that full face CPAP masks are not good, people lifestyle comes first. Those who love to read books, watch TV while wearing a mask, full face mask is not the best for them instead they should look for the nasal pillow masks. The reason, full face type obstruct your views, this make them not right for you.

Reviews of Top 4 Best Full Face CPAP Mask

By reading the review below, we hope you will able to pick a good full face mask for your apnea therapy treatment.

In the list you will find the medium and large sized mask, understanding each product details thoroughly can get you the most comfortable mask.

1. Sleepnet Ascend AirGel Full Face Mask System

Best Full Face CPAP Mask Reviews & Consumer Reports

Among the newest versions of full face masks on the market, you will find the Sleepnet mask which will not disappoint you. Those that have used it for their therapy gave remarks to the Ascend.

Regardless of user’s opinion, there are some things to consider before choosing a CPAP mask that can efficiently work to treat and manage your apnea disorder.

According to one Amazon customer testimonial, haven’t had opportunity to test different full mask, some were outrageous, because I didn’t feel comfortable due to several reasons but this one was different on wearing it.

However, this sleepnet comes with a light weight gel cushion that offer superior comfort by reducing pressure force and skin discomfort while maintaining great seal that prevents air-leak.

The gel mask also comes with a replaceable cushion. A great feature which save you good money because you can easily replace it with a new cushion instead of acquiring a whole new mask in the long run.

You can also choose your best fit of cushion from the different sizes (Small, Medium, Large) included in this mask package. This AIRGEL mask features other comfortable features that make it a sleep solution therapy mask, check details below.


With all of these features built into this sleepnet full face mask, the Ascen may be the best for you as it has worked for many.

2. Mirage Quattro Full Face System

Mirage Quattro Full Face System

The Mirage full face system is another mask recommended for sleep apnea treatment. Out of the box is completely assembled for you. All you need do is to wear your mask and get ready for the sleep therapy. However, the Quattro face mask comes with head gear and snaps, this hold the mask firmly for effective therapy.

One unique feature of this mask, it can be use with any CPAP device you can think off. So if you have bought a CPAP machine before trying to get a mask then with this Mirage, no problem of not matching with your therapy machine.

3. Apex Medical Full Face Mask

Apex Medical Full Face Mask

Getting familiar with different full face mask is important as it helps you in choosing the best. If you are not new to sleep therapy equipment’s then the Apex medical brand, should not be new to your hearing.  They have products mostly demand for by consumers. The Wizard 220 is also one of the products from the Neuroscience Medical’s.

The full face mask is designed for patients to have a better sleeping experience through the night while having comfortable apnea treatment. With ergonomic forehead pad and silicon cushion provides the smoothest feel and maximum stability and relaxation. In addition, the forehead pad comes in different height plus a pressure technology for an added sleep comfort advantage. The pad is also protected by patents right.

Honestly, the Apex face mask is one of the super light full face sleep apnea therapy mask you are likely to find on the market as you shop.  Users words confirmed it because it is only those who had used it can tell better than others.

4. Respironics Amara Gel Mask Large

Respironics Amara Gel Mask Large

The Philip brand is another household name in sleep apnea therapy appliance. You can rely on this Amara Gel mask from them. This mask is for people looking for large CPAP full face mask. Its comfortable gel cushion feature ranks this item when it comes to innovation technology that makes people feel extremely comfort. Most users’ gives it to the Respironics cpap mask.

The soft headgear is another amazing feature. Its less-weight offers extra stability for your comfort compliance. When you purchase this Amara gel mask your choice, you have the privilege to choose from headgear sized but this is sold separately.

With optional standard size headgear sold separately, the Amara can fit into most people having smaller faces because you can reduce the size to match your face exactly especially those with smaller heads.

Here are the mask sizes:

If you are in need of a gel cushion mask that can fit all face shapes, search no more because Respironics Full Face Mask is the right choice to say.


We can tell you, one of these items is the best full face mask, what we have done here is bring to your notice some of the most used CPAP mask full face ever. However, this information could be helpful in picking:

From the list, decide which you think is the best for you and buy according to your desire. Thanks for your time reading this post.

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